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Our staff is trained to utilized treatment that focuses on Childhood
trauma factors by:

Dr. Bruce D. Perry, MD., PhD

Senior Fellow of the Child Trauma Academy

Anger Management and Conflict Resolution by:

Sunset communications

Basic Fair Housing by:

NC Legal Aid Fair Housing  Focusing on the rights of people with disablities, laws, request for reasonable accommodations/modification. 

Person Centered Planning

Person-Centered Planning (PCP)  focuses on the strengths, interests, and needs of an individual. PCP is an ongoing process designed to help consumers choose the methods and resources and find their own pathways to success.

North Carolina Interventions

NC Interventions¬© (NCI)  is a standardized training program to prevent the use of restraints and seclusion, created and supported by DMH/DD/SAS and used in various DMH/DD/SAS community agencies and state facilities.

*Prevention focuses on decisions making and problem solving, building positive relationships, assessing risk for escalating behavior, and early crisis intervention.

*Core Prevention plus, training in non-restraining blocks and release.

*Core + includes training in Prevention, Core along with approved optional restraining physical techniques such as therapeutic holds, carries and techniques for special populations.


Brenda Marshall LCSW, a contributor to the North Carolina Sex Offender Guidelines Manual Until July 2011.


Our staff must be supportive, flexible, and intuitive with the care of our patients to ensure their safety and well-being. They observe patient behavior and keep meticulous records, & reporting any changes in behavior or health to key personnel.


Employment Opportunities:

Job opportunities click here Open Positions.


If you are interested in joining our team please fill out the following Employment Application (click here) and mail it in. Please send the application to the following address:


5 Centerview Dr. Ste 110

Greensboro, NC 27407



Structure, consistency and Reality therapy all rely on one another to help in the quest for providing the best treatment for consumers.


*All potential candidates must be willing to consent to a Criminal Background Check and pass a Drug Test.*


Envisions of Life requires all potential candidates for services to complete a referral form which is attached by clicking here. If you are in need of Outpatient Services such as Psychiatric Assessments or Medication Management click here to obtain forms that required prior to your visit. All new referrals must have valid insurance information sent prior to your appointment for verification. Once you complete the referral form please submit the form by using the following methods:


Emailing: email the form to the person of that department listed on the Contact Us page


Fax: (336) 887-1085



5 Centerview Dr. Ste 110

Greensboro, NC 27407


Form Instructions

We support avenues such as Respect, Positive Reinforcement, Quality Time & Attention, Consistency & Honesty. This allows adults and adolescents to learn that, although bad things happen, good & hopeful things can happen as well in the balance of life.

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